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Grand Opening moved to October 6th

We decided this morning to move our grand opening from September to October 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th. 

This is how I feel about that:


I'm a firm believer that you learn best by doing & that talk is cheap. It was this thought that was pushing me to open our market in September. I wanted to open our doors to you (our customers) sooner than later so that we could actually talk with you and find out, in the world of local arts and crafts, what do you want to see, touch, & experience and how might we connect you to those experiences. I really do believe that what Steve and I are launching is just the shell of what will become a very rich brand based on bringing people together, highlighting the talent we have within our community, and making creative experiences accessible to everyone regardless of level of talent or confidence.

Unfortunately, this morning the desire to open our doors to you as quickly as possible was trumped by my fear of exposing you to a less than ideal experience and having you walk away from Saguaro Market disappointed. To me, there is no fate worse than disappointing the people that are most important to you. 

We'll be open for business on October 6th at 10 AM and we're going to spend the next month making sure we have the right merchandise, the right setting and atmosphere, and the right processes in place to ensure that when you visit Saguaro Market you enjoy yourself, find a unique and special momento, and learn about a workshop or two that you'd like to attend. 

I expect that this time next month I'll still be experiencing a similar fear but the difference is that I'll be more prepared and proud of what we're creating and offering and I'll be excited to share it with you.

Thanks for your patience - it'll be worth the wait.

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