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Things that Matter

When I started Saguaro Market I promised myself that I would only publish  authentic content with a unique perspective or a witty point of view that created opportunities for people to at best identify with what I shared or at a minimum to think.
Gay Pride

It was this reasoning that in the past made me avoid talking about or outwardly supporting things like Gay Pride. I always thought, what the heck do I know about this topic that will be relevant, new, or fresh to anyone? What can I possibly say that hasn't already been said a thousand times. If I chime in on social media about these things, how can I be anything other than just jumping on a bandwagon?

Then George Floyd was murdered and it along with so many similar injustices  changed everything. It was the thing that made me realize that I can't be silent and assume that people know I care.

Similar to Gay Pride, Black Lives Matter felt like a movement so separate and foreign to me that I couldn't participate in the conversation in an authentic manner. Who was I, a white, privileged woman to have a unique opinion about the topic of #blacklivesmatter? But the day George Floyd was murdered changed my thinking about sharing my support for people who are "different" from me or things that I don't fully understand. There are things in this world that are just simply right or wrong. When things are wrong it's our responsibility to say something & it doesn't matter if we have a unique point of view. When things are right, it's our responsibility to encourage and support them. We can and should speak out even if thousands of other people are saying the same exact thing.  

I now understand that not only do the words I chose matter but sharing my support matters too. Love is good. Period. I don't have anything unique or clever to add to the conversation - it's a message that doesn't need improvement.  I believe in & support everyone's right to be themselves and to love whoever they wish. We all benefit when everyone has the opportunity to be their best self. 

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